NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner in Sapphire Review

Hola! It’s been months since I posted, but here I am now! I am a sucker for coloured eyeliners and when I saw the NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner range, I knew I had to have one. The shade Sapphire appealed the most to me and that’s what I got. Keep reading to find out how it scored.

Photo 03-09-18, 6 38 13 PM

Price: Rs.700 for 2ml

Packaging: The eyeliner comes in a slim and a very basic tube. It is colour coded which will help you easily identify it on your makeup stash. The brush is thin and will help you achieve precise lines.

Photo 03-09-18, 6 38 44 PM

Colour: The shade sapphire is unique and one of a kind. I’ve seen various eyeliners that are blue or electric blue but none of them are close to this! It is bright, pastel and certainly makes your eyes stand out.

Formulation: I’ve absolutely no complaints in this department. The eyeliner glides on easily; there is no tugging or pulling. It takes a few seconds to dry down completely and then it settles down into a matte finish.

Photo 03-09-18, 6 39 57 PM
Look at how thin that brush is!

Pigmentation: Just one stroke of this eyeliner is enough to get the true sapphire colour.

Smudge proof and Waterproof: Once you put on this eyeliner, it won’t budge for a good 7-8 hours at least. If you’ve really oily lids, it might smudge a little by the end of the day, but there is nothing to worry. It is water resistant to a certain extent but I wouldn’t recommend you crying your heart out with this little guy on.

Photo 03-09-18, 6 49 16 PM

Staying Power: I’ve worn this eyeliner for around 12 hours after which I had to take it off with a makeup remover. The staying power is excellent.

My experience:

I absolutely love this eyeliner! I’ve never tried such a shade; it looks so different and makes my eyes stand out. I prefer a thin line of this across my eyes if I’m wearing it during the day. That being said, this particular shade isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people might find it too bright for their liking, if that’s the case, may be you should try out the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue.

Photo 03-09-18, 7 12 29 PM

Let us now sum up the pros and cons:


  1. Unique colour
  2. Long lasting
  3. Highly pigmented
  4. Smudge proof
  5. Thin and precise brush
  6. Easily available online


  1. Not waterproof
  2. On the expensive side


Go for it if you love experimenting with your eyeliner. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Have you tried any other shade from this range? If not, do you plan to? Let me know all about it in the comments section below.

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