Mamaearth Under Eye Cream Review

Hola! How are you guys doing? So today, I’m going to be reviewing the Mamaearth Under Eye Cream. I really needed an eye cream since I’m growing old faster than mummies, due to Netflix unlike their babies! Let us now get right into the review.

Photo 15-10-17, 2 50 27 PM

Price: Rs.500 for 50ml

Packaging: This under eye cream comes in a tub packaging, which I’m not a huge fan of. After you open the cap, there is also a lid inside which ensures there’s no spillage.

Consistency: The consistency of the cream is light and not very thick. It takes a few seconds to get absorbed into the skin completely.

Photo 15-10-17, 2 54 12 PM

Fragrance: It has a mild floral fragrance, which I like. People with sensitive noses will not have an issue with this product.

Suitability: People of all ages and skin types can use this cream. It doesn’t leave an oily residue and hence can be worn even by oily skinned beauties during the day.

Photo 15-10-17, 2 53 43 PM

My experience:

To give this eye cream a fair chance, I’ve been diligently using it since the past 2 months now. Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any major improvement in my dark circles, which was one of my main concerns. I also didn’t feel that it prevented my dark cirlces from getting worse. Dark circles need to be taken care of with not only some eye cream but also good sleep and diet, which isn’t something I’ve been able to achieve. So, I don’t think I can blame the product completely.

My eyes have always been a little puffy. The cream didn’t take away all the puffiness but certainly reduced it. It hydrates my under eye area like a dream and that for me, is the best part about this product. I’ve been reaching out to this tub whenever my under eye area feels dry or stretchy.

Photo 21-10-17, 4 01 20 PM
Left: Swatch, Right: After blending

Once you blend the cream in, it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue and hence is perfect to wear under makeup even during the day. It can also be used as a face cream as mentioned on the packaging, even though I haven’t really tried that out yet, I can see how it would be great to use just one product before you go to sleep after a long day.

The tub looks small but will definitely last for a long time. I’ve been using this every night since the last 2 months and it still looks untouched.

Photo 21-10-17, 4 13 03 PM
Top: Before, Bottom: After 2 months

Let us now sum up the pros and cons: 


  1. Very hydrating
  2. Reduces puffiness
  3. Gets absorbed easily
  4. Affordable
  5. Mild fragrance
  6. SLS, paraben and mineral oil free
  7. No greasy residue
  8. Suitable for all skin types


  1. Doesn’t get rid of dark circles
  2. Doesn’t prevent further darkening
  3. Tub packaging isn’t hygienic 


If your under eye area gets really dry, get your hands on this without any second thought. But if you want something to get rid of your dark circles, this might not be your best bet.

Which eye cream is your favourite? Do you plan on giving this one a shot? Comment below and let me know.

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