Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

Gillete Venus is the only razor I’ve ever used and have never disliked anything about it. When Gillette launched another razor, which required no shaving gel, I knew I had to try it out! So today, I’m going to talk about the Gillette Venus Breeze Razor. Read on to find out if it’s worth trying or not.


Price: Rs.300

The Gillette Venus Breeze Razor offers a lot more grip when compared to the basic Venus. It is definitely easier and more comfortable to use.

The USP of this razor are the soap gel bars it offers, which means you don’t need any kind of soap or shaving gel to get a clean shave. The gel bars have a subtle floral scent, which I quite like. Though it doesn’t lather as much as a shaving gel would, it certainly creates a light lather, which is good enough for shaving. You just need to wet the razor and the body part you wish to shave.


I’ve used the razor on my legs and hands a couple of times now and the gel bars are hardly used up. You don’t need to worry about the them getting over in just a few uses!

The razor gives a clean shave in just one go and you don’t need to go over that area again. It would not leave your skin feeling dry or itchy.


Since without negatives, there would be no positives, let us now talk about the not-so-good part of this product. Even though the soap gel bars will help you get a quick shave without a lot of fuss, they do get moist and a little sticky after use. If you leave the razor flat on the table, there would be some soapy strings and stickiness around it. It is thus not so convenient to travel with this one, unless you can store the cartridge in some kind of a plastic box.


Let us now sum up the pros and cons of this little guy!


  1. No shaving gel required
  2. Gives a clean shave in one go
  3. Nice subtle fragrance
  4. Quick and easy to use
  5. Would last for a long time
  6. Ergonomically made
  7. Easily available
  8. Affordable


  1. Gel bars tend to get sticky after use
  2. Not so travel friendly


Go for it if you don’t travel much. It’ll help you get rid of all your unwanted hair in a jiffy!

Also, did you know that any of the Venus cartridges fits into any of their handles? If you’re really inquisitive of trying this product, just get the cartridge and use it with the basic Venus handle!

I truly hope this review was helpful. Let me know if you’ve any questions regarding shaving and I would love to help you out. Do follow Roti Kapda aur Blog for more! Also, don’t forget to follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Google Plus for future updates!

13 thoughts on “Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Review

  1. I have them too. I agree with all your pros and cons. the another downside of the soap bar is that they are kinda huge on both the sides that the razor don’t actually work when it comes to shaving small hairs.

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