Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Review

Hola! How are you guys doing? So, I absolutely love having perfectly manicured nails but the lazy person in me avoids doing that for days together since, I just hate taking them off! It’s extremely boring to sit with a bottle of nail polish remover and tons of cotton balls and removing that nail paint.

I recently spotted the Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes, which seemed perfect for someone like me. I think they have 4 variants, out of which I chose the orange and lemon variant. Read on to find out how these nail polish remover wipes fared!


Price: Rs.100 for 30 wipes.

They claim that each wipe can cleanse up to 10 nails and although the wipes are really small in size, each wipe can certainly take care of both your hands. Certain nail polish removers would leave my nails dry and whitish, some also led to peeling. But since these wipes are enriched with vitamin E and olive oil, they hydrate my nails while cleansing them!


Keep each wipe on for 5-10 seconds and they’ll take off all coloured nail paints, ranging from pastels to blacks. Darker colours do take some more effort, but it does the work. But removing glitter nail paints with these is a huge STRUGGLE! It just doesn’t work.

Since the wipes contain olive oil, they do leave your nails greasy and you need to wash your hands post using them. I honestly do not mind the greasiness, since they really nourish my nails and keep them moisturized! The wipes are also acetone free which is definitely a yay.

FullSizeRender 3

I’m not a huge fan of the fragrance of the lemon one, but the orange variant smells good. Since each wipe can cleanse 10 nails, Rs.100 for 30 wipes is really cheap and affordable. The packaging is really convenient and compact making it travel friendly.


Let us now sum up the pros and cons:


  1. Removes nail colours easily
  2. Not drying
  3. Acetone free
  4. Enriched with olive oil and vitamin E
  5. Pleasant fragrance
  6. Travel friendly
  7. Affordable


  1. Not effective on glitter nail paints
  2. Leaves an oily residue


These wipes are one of those products which are effective yet cheap. Definitely give it a go!

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8 thoughts on “Kara Nail Polish Remover Wipes Review

  1. Wow I wanted the review for these wipes for so long… I myself am so lazy that I wanted to read it’s review then only I would have bought😁😁
    Thank you gal! You saved me 😊😋
    Gotta buy them for sure..😚💗

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