Anatomicals Tropical Hydrating Face Mask Review

Hola! What’s up guys? So I had mentioned a few products that I bought from Anatomicals in my recent Nykaa Haul and a few of you wanted me to review it! So here it is!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Anatomicals Tropical Hydrating Face Mask! Let us begin:


Price: Rs.175 for 15ml

  • Consistency: This mask is white in colour and is very creamy! The consistency of it is pretty good, it isn’t very thick but neither is it all droopy.
  • Hydration: I’ve extremely dry skin and this mask didn’t strip my skin of any moisture whatsoever! It hydrated my skin really well and the effect lasted throughout the night! I didn’t need to use a moisturizer after washing it off, which is extremely rare for me. It left my skin feeling soft and refreshed!
  • Smell and Usage: The mask smells like coconuts and the fragrance is not at all overpowering! The mask can be used 2-3 times on your entire face and neck.
  • Packaging: The packaging of all Anatomicals products is super quirky and colourful! But this mask is so difficult to use! Once you open it up for your first use, how are you supposed to store it? The packaging is really not hygienic, but one can definitely not ignore how beautiful it is at the same time!
  • Suitability: I tried this mask on my mom and myself. Though this one suited me well, it stung my mother’s skin a bit. Hence, I do not recommend this one to people with extremely sensitive skin. Otherwise all skin types can try this one out! Would be great for people with dry skin!


I do not believe any skin care product can make your skin glow in just 2 uses, hence I will not be commenting on that part!

I do feel it is expensive, but since you get around 2-3 uses out of it, I think it’s fine! When you compare it to a sheet mask, which definitely costs more than Rs.100 for just one use, I think this is pretty reasonable! Now let us sum up the pros and cons:


  1. Very hydrating
  2. Pleasant smell
  3. Refreshing
  4. Quirky packaging
  5. Creamy consistency
  6. Leaves your skin feeling soft


  1. Not suitable for very sensitive skin
  2. Limited availability
  3. Difficult to store
  4. On the expensive side


It is an average product and nothing great. But if you have dry skin and need a boost of hydration, do give this one a shot!

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8 thoughts on “Anatomicals Tropical Hydrating Face Mask Review

  1. The title itself sounds like it is going to drench my current dehydrated skin with all the good stuff. Initially I thought it is a sheet mask. As you mentioned we can get three uses out if it, so I am definitely going to try it out! xx

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