Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist Review

I’m glad Innisfree finally has a store in Mumbai and is also available on Nykaa now! This particular product is something my brother picked up for me while he was in Delhi and I’ve been using it since the longest time. Let us now get on with the review:



Price: Rs.850 for 80ml

As you all probably know by now, I’ve really dry skin and I’m always on the look out for hydrating products. This particular one by Innisfree isn’t just hydrating but also extremely refreshing. It has a faint fragrance of lemons and there is something really refreshing about it. Although, products with lemon as an ingredient usually sting my skin, this one doesn’t do that at all!

It contains organic olive oil, which can be seen floating and once you shake the bottle, it mixes up with the mist. This product would be great for all skin types, as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy in spite of the oil in it! Though, I wouldn’t suggest this one for extremely dry skinned girls in the winter, but in the summer it would be great for everyone!




This mist serves as a great pick-me-up in between the day, as it hydrates your skin and leaves you feeling fresh! It can be sprayed over makeup as well and hence I love to use this while I work! I remember using this product whenever I had to pull an all nighter during college exams! The best part is, the spray packaging! Just 2-3 spritz and you’ll be good to go!


I wouldn’t say it is affordable, but considering it works as a mist as well as a moisturizer, I think it will be money well spent! The bottle will easily last for 2 months!

Let us sum up the pros and cons now:


  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. No greasiness
  3. Spray packaging
  4. Refreshing
  5. Very hydrating
  6. Can be used over makeup
  7. Pleasant fragrance
  8. Contains organic olive oil


  1. On the expensive side
  2. Not enough hydration for very dry skin during winters


Go for it if your skin dries up through the day as this would serve as a quick fix!

I hope this post was helpful to some of you! Let me know if you plan to try out the mist!

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