Winter Skin Care Essentials | Volume 2 | Moisturizers

Having skin as dry as the Sahara, I’ve tried innumerable moisturizers out there! So continuing my Winter Skin Care Essentials series, today I’m going to list a few moisturizers, that’ll help you, keep dry skin at bay this winter!


  1. Cetaphil Moisturizers:

I can’t think of any other product except the Cetaphil Moisturizers to begin this list with! These offer excellent hydration without making the skin look greasy! Great for all skin types, whether you’ve oily or dry skin this product would suit you! They aren’t that budget friendly but are definitely worth the price you pay! Learn more about them here.

Price: Different for all variants


  1. Vaseline Spray Moisturizer:

I honestly can’t stop spraying this one onto my skin! This moisturizer is hydrating, fast absorbing and non-greasy! Read the full review here.

Price: Rs.310 for 200ml


  1. Venusia Max:

This moisturizer by Dr.Reddy is something I go for when I’m tired of using Cetaphil. I’m definitely going to repurchase this, since it is quite affordable as well! It is suitable for dry as well as very dry skin as it offers great hydration. It also has a pleasant smell, which is always a bonus!

Price: Rs.363 for 150gms


  1. Soap & Glory Body Butter:

This one is quite hydrating and would work well for people with normal skin. I wouldn’t recommend this one to girls dealing with extremely dry skin. It smells amazing and also contains cocoa butter! Certainly on the expensive side though!

Price: Rs.500 for 50ml


  1. Iraya Almond Nutrifying Cream:

I’m using this one since the past few days and it’s working absolutely brilliantly! It is super hydrating and nourishing! Would work wonders for dry skinned girls this winter! Should I do an in depth review of this one? Let me know in the comments!

Price: Rs.495 for 50gms


  1. Ponds or Nivea Cold Cream:

I don’t think I need to talk much about these! I’m sure you must have tried the Ponds or Nivea creams at some point of your life! They are extremely affordable and work well! I see my grandma slapping on the Nivea one onto her face every single day!

Both of these cost around Rs.80 each for 60ml!


Let me know which moisturizer is your favorite and if this post was helpful! Do you plan on trying out any of the products mentioned above?

Stay tuned; as in my next post I would be talking about some lip balms you could try this winter!

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7 thoughts on “Winter Skin Care Essentials | Volume 2 | Moisturizers

  1. I too have super dry skin. My top favorites this winter: Cetaphil DAM and Efaderm cream (love the fragrance of this one)
    The Soap & Glory Body Butter tube looks sooo pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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