Winter Skin Care Essentials | Volume 1

I had been to Pune this weekend and the weather there was just brilliant, not too cold yet really pleasant! I’m waiting for it to get at least a little chilly here in Mumbai! How cold is it where you stay? Let me know in the comments section below!

I’ve been dealing with extremely dry and eczema-prone skin half my life and hence have used a variety of products to deal with my issues. Since in winters, most of us have to tackle dry skin, I thought of listing down a few products that have worked really well for me. While my next 2 posts will be dedicated to moisturizers and lip balms, today I would be talking about a few body cleansers! Let us begin:


1.Venusia Cleanser:

This cleanser by Dr.Reddy is soap free and is not at all dehydrating! If you’re on the look out for a budget friendly body wash, this one is for you! It does lather a bit and also has a mild pleasant fragrance, which doesn’t make it boring after regular use! I’m currently on my second bottle of this one!

Price: Rs.190 for 200ml


2. Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash:

This product is meant for eczema-prone skin and doesn’t strip your face or body of any moisture whatsoever. It is certainly on the expensive side but works wonders for dry and sensitive skin. It doesn’t have any fragrance at all and hence, I eventually got bored of it and stopped using it (hence no picture). The Cetaphil Cleanser will also be a great option if you’re in the market for a mild face wash!

Price: Rs.1500 for 295ml


3. Sephora Body Wash:

Sephora has many options when it comes to body wash, but I have only tried the green tea one personally. It would be a good option for people with normal to dry skin. I cannot mention this product and not talk about its fragrance! It smells divine!

Price: Rs.520 for 140ml


4. A-derma Foaming Gel:

This body wash is meant for sensitive skin and would be great for all skin types! It is soap free and contains oat milk. I’m completely out of this one and would not mind repurchasing it!

Price: Rs.440 for 100ml


5. Zyndet Soap:

For people who do not like using a body wash, I have got you covered! This product is soap free and maintains the pH level of the skin, making it an excellent choice for the winters! Whenever I get tired of using a body wash, I always go for this one!

Price: Rs.135 for 100gm

zydnet_store-8512249658-2.jpgHopefully this post will be helpful to some of you guys! Stay tuned as in the next post I would be talking about a few moisturizers to help you keep your skin hydrated this winter!

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