Restaurant Review – Nookad Nation

My love for chaat took me to Nookad Nation this time, which is located in Navi Mumbai. Since Nookad Nation is a sister concern of Barbeque Nation, my expectations from this place were really high! Also the concept of street food on buffet was something unique and I had to try it! Now let us get right into the review:

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 11.01.56 PM.png

First of all I love the name as it truly represents the food they serve, that is street food! So the deal is that you pay Rs.149 for unlimited chaat and they also have combo meals for Rs.189 and Rs.199, which include desserts!

The place is really attractive with some quirky chairs and unique wall arts! They have a section dedicated just to chutneys! The green chutney was my favourite out of the lot, since it is tangy and nothing like the one we make at home!


Isn’t the wall art awesome?


The menu is divided into 4 sections as shown in the picture below:


The beverage section includes jal jeera and aam panna, aam panna was pretty good while some people may find the jal jeera to be way too strong!

In the thandi chaat section, I loved the pani puri and the lacchha tokri chaat; as it was something I had never tried before! Jhaal mudi and sev puri were average. The curd used for dahi bhalla was too sweet for a chaat.

Can you see the tokri?

In the garam chaat section, I just loved the aloo chaat, it was nice and tangy (guess I love everything that has aloo in it!). The pav used in Kutchhi dabeli was really crispy and something different.

The garam nashta section included chhole bhature which was delicious, the bhature are fried right in front of you! And I obviously enjoyed kanda pakoda, I mean who doesn’t like pakodas?


 All the desserts were really tasty and not too sweet. I especially loved the rabdi and badam milk.


 Also near the exit, there is an entire section where they sell sweets such as rasgulla, besan ke laddu and so on! You could definitely pick up something for your family while leaving. Pretty cool, right?



Overall the place is quite good and unique. Although nothing extraordinary, it is certainly value for money! If you love street food then you should definitely visit once, since where else do we get unlimited variety of chaat at such an affordable price?

So they had this bhopu thing
*awkwardly posing with the bhopu thing*

Do let me know if you plan to visit Nookad Nation and if you already have, do share your views with me! Which restaurant would you like me to review next? Comment below and I’ll try my best to review it for you guys!

8 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Nookad Nation

  1. Excited to visit Nookad Nation to have Dahi Bhalla and Paani Puri ( my favourite chaats), baad mein Bhopu bhi toh bajane milega 😜 Thanks for sharing with us Darshana.

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