Uriage Bariederm Lip Balm Review

Because of my dry lips and skin, lip balms are something I need every single day. I have learnt my lesson and have stopped experimenting with all the possible lip balms available in the market.

Believe it or not, I have tried 3 baby lips and none of them suited me! They just made my lips rough and chapped. Shocking isn’t it? I had to consult a dermatologist for my severely dry lips and that is how I got introduced to the Uriage Bariederm Lip Balm. Let us go on with the review now. uriage-bariederm-lips-7726

Let me start by saying, I really love this lip balm. Though it is on the expensive side priced at Rs.750, I really find it worth the money! I have been using this for around 6 months now and it is still going to last a while!

The packaging is really simple. As you can see it comes in a tube form and can be carried around easily in your bags.

The lip balm has definitely helped hydrate my lips. It is something I always reach out to after using matte lipsticks. It is quite moisturizing and cures chapped lips in 3-4 days! It has no colour and so can be used under lipsticks and also for overnight moisturization. It is hypoallergenic which is why it is great for sensitive lips! It is not sticky like some other lip balms in the market and doesn’t leave a white cast on the lips. The only downside I feel is that it does not stay for long and has to be reapplied every 2-3 hours or after a meal and also that it doesn’t have any SPF.

Now let us sum up the pros and cons:


  • Hydrating
  • No smell
  • No colour
  • Heals chapped lips
  • Easily available
  • No stickiness
  • No white cast
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lot of product in a tube


  • Reapplication is needed
  • Expensive
  • No SPF


Go for it if you have extremely dry lips and need some genuine moisturization! Definitely not for people who want some colour on their lips!


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